Meet Robin:

The Succulent Guy

Robin Stockwell has been growing succulents professionally since 1972 and through the years developed an expertise in their functional use. When the waves were good he took advantage of their waterwise, low maintenance qualities, knowing they would not miss him as he dropped everything to surf. He has dedicated his life to encouraging the use of these plants and worked with plant professionals and the general public to better understand them. As a grower he created small “living pictures” in the early 1970’s and later huge vertical gardens. Check out his succulent Globe, using as many as 30,000 plants. As an innovator, writer, and speaker, he has inspired audiences in the joy of gardening with succulent plants.

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Robin’s Book

Succulents: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Designing, and Growing 200 Easy-Care Plants

Robin shares his knowledge about succulents, offering everything readers need to know about designing, caring, and getting creative with these beautiful low-maintenance plants.

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The Succulent Guy Speaks

Robin consistently speaks to packed houses about using succulents in the landscape, color and texture in succulent design, vertical gardening, waterwise gardening, and small business retail management.

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